“Innocence on Trial’ shatters any illusion that wrongful convictions occur by accident or error in an otherwise fair and just system. With forensic precision, Joan McEwen dissects the ‘evidence’ that confined Ivan Henry to so many years of wrongful imprisonment.”…  – Dr Michael Naughton, Reader in Sociology and Law, University of Bristol, UK; Founder and Director, Innocence Network UK (INUK)

“The disastrous trial and subsequent tribulations of Ivan Henry, including a quarter of a century of hard prison time for multiple sexual assaults he likely did not commit, shines light on an appalling miscarriage of Canadian justice…” -Ian Binnie, C.C., Q.C.; former Supreme Court of Canada Justice

“Innocence on Trial is a brilliantly told tale of a compelling case of wrongful conviction. This riveting ‘true crime’ account brings alive how Ivan Henry was wrongly convicted by a flawed legal system that failed to find the truth. Joan McEwen deserves a medal for her role in helping to right the wrong and in engagingly describing this injustice. As she said up front, the case of Ivan Henry shows that there is always hope.”—Elizabeth F. Loftus, Distinguished Professor, University of California, Irvine; Past President, Association for Psychological Science; author of Eyewitness Testimony