Two Chokeholds: #ICan’tBreathe

Two Chokeholds: #ICan’tBreathe

The two images are brutal—different yet the same. Two separate, yet similar,  instances—32 years apart; one in Vancouver, Canada in 1982; the other in NYC, USA in 2014–of police brutality in the form of illegal chokeholds.

@iwmh_Ivan was dragged into a lineup and placed in a chokehold by the Vancouver Police Department. This, despite the fact that the Supreme Court of Canada had earlier ruled that participation in lineups is strictly voluntary. Eleven of the original fifteen complainants identified him at the preliminary hearing on the basis of the scene depicted in this photo. Though Ivan survived the lineup, he spent the next 27 years in prison as a dangerous sex offender for 10 sex crimes he did not commit.

43-year old Eric Garner, father of six screamed #Ican’tbreathe and died directly as the result of the chokehold.

What will it take to hold our police accountable?