Mainstream Media held in Thrall by John Furlong?

It is one thing for Furlong and his PR team to work at rehabilitating his image. It is quite another for the mainstream media to aid and abet that effort.

On October 30, 2015, former BC attorney-general Geoff Plant wrote a Globe and Mail article in praise of Furlong:

I sent an article to the Globe, challenging many of Plant’s assertions. I did not receive a response.

When yet another phase in Furlong’s rehabilitation process was being rolled out—-namely, his appearance at yesterday’s Vancouver Board of Trade luncheon, I pitched an article to the National Post regarding the fact that the First Nations alleged victims have never been heard in a court of law.

Almost by return email, the Post said no.

My article is running today in the Vancouver Observer, an independent, online media outlet.

Is it any wonder that the public is turning away from the mainstream media?

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